Creating a circle feature

The Circle tool is used to create round features, such as water storage tanks.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available with the Circle tool:

Keyboard shortcut

Editing function


Enter a radius


Enter x,y coordinates for the center point

Circle tool keyboard shortcuts
  1. These steps can be used to create lines or polygons:
    • To create lines, click a line feature template in the Create Features window.
    • To create polygons, click a polygon feature template in the Create Features window.
  2. Click the Circle tool Circle on the Create Features window.
  3. Click to place the center of the circle, then drag. A line representing the radius appears inside the circle as you draw it.
  4. You can also right-click or use keyboard shortcuts to enter x,y coordinates or type a radius. The radius is given in map units by default, but you can also give the value in other units by specifying a distance units abbreviation with the value that you enter.
  5. Click once to finish the circle.

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