Playing an animation automatically

  1. After creating a track or tracks to animate, click the Open Animation Controls button Open Animation Controls on the Animation toolbar.
  2. Click the Play button Play.

    The animation is played back.

  • Click Options on the Animation Controls toolbar to access animation duration, frame, segments of animation to play back, looping mode, and overwriting options.
  • Keep the Time View tab of Animation Manager open as the animation is played to see the progression of the animation. The red time line scrolls as the animation progresses.
  • For time animation tracks, click Calculate on the Animation Controls dialog box to calculate the minimum number of frames necessary to draw all the time slices within a source layer or table. This option is available only if you have a time animation track in your animation. The number of frames calculated is based on the minimum interval (for example, one day) within the range set on the Keyframes tab of Animation Manager. For instance, for a time animation track with two keyframes and a time for the start keyframe of 12:00:00 PM, a time for the end keyframe of 6:00:00 PM, and an interval of one hour, the minimum interval will be one hour, so the number of frames that will be drawn in the display is six.
  • Uncheck Restore state after playing so that the last frame is retained in the display after the animation has finished.

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Published 6/7/2010