Adding a geocode service

The World Places Locator (ESRI_Places World) included with the World Collection enables you to find world places. The European Address Locator (TA_Address_EU) and North American Address Locator (TA_Address_NA_10) geocode services included on the Basemap Collection with geocoding option enable you to geocode and reverse geocode addresses.


See Requirements for information on supported environments.

To use a locator, you need to deploy it using ArcGIS Server Manager. The following steps walk you through the deployment process.


If you want to copy the locators to your GIS server instead of using them on the data appliance, complete step 1; otherwise, skip to step 2.

  1. If you want to host the locators on another GIS server instead of on the data appliance, copy the desired locator service folder from the source_documents\locators directory on the data appliance to your GIS server, for example, to \\MyServer\locators\europe, \\MyServer\locators\northamerica, or \\MyServer\locators\worldplaces. You can use Windows Copy and Paste tools or another copy utility.
  2. Log in to ArcGIS Server using an account with administrative privileges.
  3. Start ArcGIS Server Manager, and log in using your ArcGIS Server account.
  4. In ArcGIS Server Manager, click the Services tab.
  5. Click Add New Service. You can create a service in the root folder, or use the Manage Folders drop-down arrow to select another location for the new service.

    Add service window showing Manage Folders drop-down for a geocode service

  6. On the Add New Service dialog box:
    1. In the Name field, enter the name of the geocode service, for example, ESRI_Places_World from World Collection 5.0.

      Available geocode services by data collection:

      Basemap Collection

      World Collection





      The Basemap Collection geocode services are available with an optional geocode license.

    2. For the Type, select Geocode Service. A Description can also be provided, if desired.
    3. Make sure Restart this service automatically is checked, and click Next.

    Add service general dialog for a geocode service

  7. On the Parameters dialog box:
    1. For the Locator Name, enter an appropriate name from the table below, for example, worldplaces for the World Places Locator from the World Collection.

      Geocode Service


      Locator Name



      European Geocoding Service

      europe geocoding service

      \\MyServer\locators\europe\europe geocoding service.loc


      North America Geocoding Service




      World Places Locator



    2. For the Location, browse to the location where the locators are located on the Data Appliance or on your GIS server, for example, source_documents\locators\worldplaces\worldplaces.loc on the Data Appliance World Collection 5.0 or C:\arcgisserver\locators\worldplaces\worldplaces.loc.
    3. For Batch Size, select the appropriate item below for the geocode service you are adding, and click Next.
    • For TA_Address_EU and TA_Address_NA_10, leave the Batch Size as it is.
    • For ESRI_Places_World, change the batch size to 0 since it is not meant for batch geocoding.
  8. On the Capabilities dialog box:
    1. Make sure Geocoding (always enabled) is checked.
    2. Check Enable Web Access.
    3. Under Operations Allowed, select the appropriate item below for the geocode service you are adding, and click Next.
    • For TA_Address_EU and TA_Address_NA_10, check Geocode and ReverseGeocode.
    • For ESRI_Places_World, check Geocode. Make sure ReverseGeocode is not checked.
  9. On the Pooling dialog box, set the timeout and pooling options, and click Next.
  10. On the Processes dialog box, set the process isolation and recycle time, and click Next.
  11. On the Summary dialog box, review the information for the service you created, and click Finish to create the service and start using it.