World Places Locator

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Collection: World

Service Name: ESRI_Places_World

This locator enables you to geocode various types of places around the world. This locator references a geodatabase of more than 14 million places around the world that includes countries, states and provinces, administrative areas (for example, counties), cities, landmarks, water bodies, and more.

The geodatabase is built primarily using the GeoNames Data that is accessible via Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License through Esri has assembled selected records from the May 2011 GeoNames Data and appended additional attributes (for example, description, rank, bounding coordinates, and so on) for use in this locator.

You may contribute to the future content of this locator by submitting or editing place names through GeoNames.

The locator accepts a single-line place name input (for example, Paris, or Paris, France, or Washington, DC) and returns candidates sorted by match score and rank. This locator can be used to geocode single places.

The data used in the service is in Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) WGS84.

Attribution: Source: Esri, GeoNames

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