Map switcher widget tags

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Configuration file for Map Switcher widget

The general structure of the the Map Switcher widget configuration file is shown by the conceptual graphic below.

Conceptual overview of configuration options for Map Switcher widget

The file is defined by a <configuration> tag that identifies it as a configuration file for the Viewer application. It has the following tags:

Contains layers. It can have the following attributes and child tags:
  • label - Label of the operational layers UI button control (default for English is "More...").
  • visible - Determines if the operational layers UI button control is visible or not in the Viewer UI. Boolean value (default is "true).

    • <excludelayer> - When a layer is specified (by its name which should match the layer name in the Viewer application's main configuration file), it will not display in the Map Switcher widget. Multiple excludelayer tags can be specified if you want to exclude multiple layers.

      Example for excluding layers from Map Switcher widget:

      In main configuration file:
      <layer label="thelayername".../>
      In the widget configuration file:

If true, the widget will expand all the individual items in the tree. The default is false. [Added in version 2.5]

Test drive the Map Switcher widget.