Overview map widget tags

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Configuration file for Overview Map Widget

The general structure of the the Overview Map widget configuration file is shown by the conceptual graphic below.

Conceptual overview of configuration options for Overview Map widget

The file is defined by a <configuration> tag that identifies it as a configuration file for the Viewer. It supports changing the widget's initial state and map service to use. It has the following child tags:

Determines whether the overview map is open or not when Viewer starts up. Boolean value (default is false meaning closed).
Optional. The default behavior is to use the same map as the main map. Alternatively, set the <layer> tag to display a specific "tiled" or "dynamic" map service in the overview map. See Layer tag topic for information on their attributes.

  1. If no layer is specified, then the active base map of Viewer will be used.
  2. The coordinate system of the overview map layer should be the same as the Viewer base maps.


In addition, the configuration file also supports changing the labels used in the widget dialog (this is not shown in the conceptual graphic).

Container for labels that can be modified in this widget. It has several child tags:
Tooltip for the expand arrow icon (default is Click to open overview map).
Tooltip for the minimize arrow icon (default is Click to close overview map).

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