ArcObjects Library Reference (EditorExt)  

INetworkAnalysisExtResults Interface

Provides access to members that set and clear the trace task results.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

When To Use

Use the INetworkAnalysisExtResults interface to set and clear trace task results. Using this interface, you can also specify whether to draw the individual elements of complex features in trace results, and whether to draw or select the results.
Drawing the results just draws them to the screen. Choosing to return the results as a selection returns the results as a selection set.


Method ClearResults Clears the current results.
Method CreateSelection Creates a selection set from the specified set of network elements.
Read/write property DrawComplex Indicates if sub elements of complex edges are rendered individually in the results.
Read-only property ResultFeatureCount Number of elements in the current results.
Read/write property ResultsAsSelection Indicates if results are returned as a selection.
Method SetResults Sets the current results to the specified network elements.

CoClasses that implement INetworkAnalysisExtResults

CoClasses and Classes Description
UtilityNetworkAnalysisExt A container for defining the Utility Network Analysis extension and describing its current state.

.NET Samples

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