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ArcGIS 10 now available!

If you're an existing ArcObjects SDK for .NET developer, get up to speed with What's new in version 10, read the Migrating your code from 9.3 to 10 section, and review the Type changes between 9.3 and 10.

If you are new to the ArcObjects SDK for .NET, these videos from the 2010 ESRI Developer Summit provide a good overview.

This web site is about the 10.0 version, for more information about the previous version, please see the 9.3.1 documentation for the ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Engine SDKs.

ArcGIS Desktop add-ins make it easy to build and share desktop customizations. Write an add-in to implement tasks that are specific to your workflow.

Build stand-alone GIS applications using the WinForms controls, integrate with WPF, or create console solutions. Learn more about creating GIS-enabled applications.

Extend ArcGIS by building custom geoprocessing, feature renderers, class extensions, plug-in data sources, or server object extensions.