IExportImageDialog.GetUpdatedProperties method

Applies To: IExportImageDialog

Returns the latest export properties which reflect the current state of the Properties Dialog.

This method should be invoked after showing the Export Image Dialog. It gives the modifications made by the user.

[Visual Basic 6.0]

variable = Object.GetUpdatedProperties()

Return Value

String that represents the export image XML string. For more details view the XML schema available at: [ArcGIS Image Server installation folder]\Developer Kit\XML\ISClient.ExportImage.XSD.



32 bit Windows OS (WinXP)


.NET Framework, COM, ANSI C / C++ Standard compliant


ESRI.ImageServer.ISClient.dll (.NET Framework), ISClient.dll (COM/C++), ISClientC.dll (C/C++)


isclientc.h (ANSI C)


[Visual Basic 6.0]

Private Sub Form1_Load()

   Dim client As New CClientObject

   Dim strConfigPath As String

   strConfigPath = "c:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ImageServer10.0\XADefs\ISViewer.ISCConfig"

   If client.Init(strConfigPath) = False Then

      MsgBox client.Status

      Exit Sub

   End If


   Dim cService As CImageService

   Set cService = client.OpenImageService("ImageService://hawkings:10000/Dxb_Tif", "")

   If cService Is Nothing Then Exit Sub


   Dim cDialog As ImageServerClient.IExportImageDialog

   Set cDialog = cService.GetExportImageDialog()


   If cDialog Is Nothing Then

      MsgBox "The Image Service could not return the properties dialog."

      Exit Sub

   End If


End Sub

For a detailed example, please see the ISViewer Sample in VB 6.0 or the Client Application Sample in ANSI C in [ArcGIS Image Server installation folder]\Developer Kit\Client Applications\Samples\ folder.

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