IImageService.SetImageInfo method

Applies To: IImageService

Sets the area-of-interest as a rectangle in ground units and the dimensions of the image to be extracted by the service provider.

This has to be set before requesting for an Image.

[Visual Basic 6.0]

variable = Object.SetImageInfo(xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax, nCols, nRows)


[in] xMin

Double. The position of the left side.

[in] yMin

Double. The position of the bottom.

[in] xMax

Double. The position of the right side.

[in] yMax

Double. The position of the top.

[in] nCols

Long. The number of columns in the output image.

[in] nRows

Long. The number of rows in the output image.

Return Value

Boolean that determines the set state.



32 bit Windows OS (WinXP)


.NET Framework, COM, ANSI C / C++ Standard compliant


ESRI.ImageServer.ISClient.dll (.NET Framework), ISClient.dll (COM/C++), ISClientC.dll (C/C++)


isclientc.h (ANSI C)


[Visual Basic 6.0]

Private Sub Form1_Load()

   Dim client As New CClientObject

   Dim strConfigPath As String

   strConfigPath = "c:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ImageServer10.0\XADefs\ISViewer.ISCConfig"

   If client.Init(strConfigPath) = False Then

      MsgBox client.Status

   End If


   Dim cService As CImageService

   Set cService = client.OpenImageService("ImageService://hawkings:10000/Dxb_Tif", "")


   Dim returnVal As Boolean

   returnVal = cService.SetImageInfo(120034.5, 869002.6, 120500.13, 869711.39, 500, 500)

   If returnVal = False Then

      MsgBox theService.Status

   End If

End Sub

For a detailed example, please see the ISViewer Sample in VB 6.0 in [ArcGIS Image Server installation folder]\Developer Kit\Client Applications\Samples\ folder.