How to test an ArcGIS Image Server client application

A custom client application needs to be rigorously tested with all possible scenarios a client user may go through. ArcGIS Image Server has the ability to transmit imagery with different numbers of bands, bit depth, color space, and pixel type. Multiple numbers of supported and unsupported image services should be created and tested to make sure the client application does not fail. Image services with unsupported formats should fail gracefully.

The client application could have the ability to display, change, and transmit image service properties. For example, after changing the projection and background color the client application should not fail. 

When writing a client application, there could be problems due to the host applications; therefore, it is important to identify if the problem is related to the ArcGIS Image Server client. For example, loading an image service that serves four-band imagery results in the failing of the application. In this case, there may be nothing wrong with the client because it is the host application that cannot display the four-band imagery.

If the host application has a type of project file, then it should be tested for saving references to loaded services and connecting to saved references automatically.

The image returned should somehow be tested for georeferencing.