How to install a custom raster type

The RPDefGen file must be available in the under the RPDef Generators sub-folder of ArcGIS Image Server XADefs folder. The location of the XADefs folder is specified under the Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESRI\ImageServer10.0\XADefs.

The .NET assembly DLL must be installed to the Global Assembly Cache. The object name specified in the RPDefGen file must be creatable. This is because the RPDef Generator Factory loads the .NET assembly by name and uses the CreateInstance .NET framework function to create the RPDef Generator object. For a .NET assembly DLL to be installed in the Global Assembly Cache, it has to be strong-named.

Once installed, you can use the Image Service Editor’s Add Rasters Dialog box to pick your custom raster type. See How Image Service Editor uses a Raster Type, to learn more about the interaction with ArcGIS Image Server.

The Developer Kit installation registers the sample custom Raster Type DLL into GAC and copies the RPDefGen file to the correct location, ensuring that it’s ready for use in Image Service Editor.