Select a region of interest.

int32_t FormatCorePlugin_SelectImageROI(

  FC_ImageHandle handle,

  const FC_ImageROI *roi,

  uint32_t rows,

  uint32_t cols,

  FC_Parameter *parameters,

  uint32_t parameter_count




Handle to a reader instance that previously opened an image.


An FC_ImageROI structure specifying the region of interest.


Number of rows that will be read in one pass. This value need no be equal to the height of the specified region. Requests are broken down into blocks based on buffering options.


Number of columns that will be read in a pass. This value is generally equal to the width of the region.


An array of FC_Parameter.


Number of parameter entries.

Return Value



Called to mark region of interest on an open image. All future request will in this ROI until the next SelectImageROI. Used for optimization. Note the ROI can be large. The reads will be broken down in to specified by the Cols and Row in the window size. Cols of window will always be equal to the width of the selected ROI.