Installing ArcGIS Data Reviewer silently

ArcGIS Data Reviewer can be installed without a user interface (UI) by running the setup using Windows Installer command line parameters.


  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Enter the following command:
    msiexec /i <Path to installer> INSTALLDIR=<install directory> /<Method>

If you are installing on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008, you must have elevated privileges.

The following are explanations of the parameters in the command:



Path to installer

The path to the setup.msi file.


    There are three different method switches you can use:

    • /qb, which provides a basic UI with a progress bar and error handling
    • /qr, which provides a reduced UI
    • /qn, which provides no interface at all

    Only one method can be used at a time.

    The following is an example of a client installation where an administrative installation exists on a server (\\machinename):

    msiexec /i c:\ArcGIS_Data_Reviewer\ArcGIS_Data_Reviewer\Reviewer\setup.msi /qb