Getting started

This installation guide is your resource for information on prerequisites, installation, and authorization of your software.

ArcGIS Data Reviewer includes the following setups:

ArcGIS Data Reviewer follows a standard maintenance cycle and will continue to be enhanced and expanded. For major releases, new complete software setups are provided through the ESRI Customer Care Portal, while patches and service packs are provided on the ESRI Support Site.

Installation options

The installation front end provides links to the setups and installation guides. From the front end, click the installation guide link for information on installation procedures or a setup link to start the associated setup program.

If you choose to, you can exit the front end and run the installation setups individually. To do so, navigate to the folder of the product you'd like to install and start the setup program.

For instance, to install ArcGIS Data Reviewer, navigate to the Reviewer folder and double-click setup.exe.




ArcGIS Data Reviewer


Contains the installation for ArcGIS Data Reviewer

ArcGIS Data Reviewer Tutorials and Sample Data


Contains tutorials and sample data for ArcGIS Data Reviewer