The Business Analyst Online API (BAO API) and the Community Analyst API (CA API) were retired on June 30, 2014. The GeoEnrichment Service on ArcGIS Online replaces these two products. Here is more information about the GeoEnrichment Service and the transition.

Why were the BAO API and Community Analyst API products retired?
The underlying platform for Business Analyst Online and Community Analyst is now ArcGIS Online. All of the demographic and other statistical content that was previously available only through Business Analyst and Community Analyst, is now available through ArcGIS Online, including via the ArcGIS Online APIs. Therefore, the BAO API and the Community Analyst API products are no longer required.
What are the advantages of the GeoEnrichment Service?
Key advantages of the GeoEnrichment Service within ArcGIS Online include:
  • Easier to use. Simplified, more intuitive and fewer required parameters in GeoEnrichment reduce complexity for supporting workflows. For example, you can quickly query sub-geographies within a geography.
  • GeoEnrichment capabilities are available through the ArcGIS Online JavaScript library.
  • Infographics illustrate the demographic and statistical data in dynamic HTML reports.
  • Comprehensive usage information. Accessible through your administration dashboard in ArcGIS Online.
  • ArcGIS Online is designed to be highly scalable and provide optimal performance.
  • Access to international demographic and lifestyle data. Data for more than 100 countries is available now; there will be coverage for 124 countries by the end of 2014.
  • More than just demographic information. For example, you can get detailed information on land use and soil types in the USA.
What subscriptions do I need in order to use the GeoEnrichment Service?
You need a subscription to an ArcGIS Online Organization plan or an ArcGIS Online Developer plan. If your organization does not have a subscription to either of these plans, Esri will provide access to a Developer plan to cover the period between now and the expiration of your current BAO API or CA API subscription. During this time, ArcGIS Online service credits will be granted based on the level of your current subscription and pro-rated for the remainder of your current license to the BAO API or CA API. You may purchase more ArcGIS Online service credits at any time. Contact your account manager for more details, and see this documentation for more information about the GeoEnrichment Service.
How does the cost of the GeoEnrichment Service compare to the BAO API/ Community Analyst API?
These prices are significantly cheaper for commercial users. Cost is based on the amount of information consumed through the GeoEnrichment Service. You can now access the demographic data four different ways through ArcGIS Online:
  1. Dynamic Demographic Maps: These are server side generated demographic maps. Price: 10 ArcGIS Online Service Credits per 1,000 maps drawn.
  2. Preformatted Demographic Reports: Cost: 10 ArcGIS Online Service Credits per report.
  3. Data Enrichment: Enrich a set of study areas with demographic and other statistical data. Cost: 10 ArcGIS Online Service Credits per 1,000 data variables. For example, enrich 1,000 study areas with three demographic variables: total variables consumed = 3,000; cost = 30 ArcGIS Service credits.
  4. Infographics: These are dynamic on-screen reports. Cost: 10 ArcGIS Online Service credits per 1,000 Infographics viewed.
Who can provide more information about the GeoEnrichment Service?
Please contact your Esri Account Manager.


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