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Using REST with Business Analyst Server
Getting Started
Business Analyst Server Repository
Using Secured Web Services
REST Request Format
Response Formats
REST Reference Guide Data
Data Types

Business Analyst Server Home
User Forum
Knowledge Base
Analysis Tasks
Customer Profiling
Customer Prospecting
Desire Lines
Find Similar
Spatial Overlay

Businesses Search Utilities
Delete Business Data
Get Business Datasets
Get Business Data Info
Rename Business Data
Select Businesses
Select Locations
Upload Business Data

Customer/Store Setup Tasks
Assign Customers by Closest Store
Assign Customers by Trade Area
Create Record Set by Addresses
Customer/Store Setup by Coordinates
Customer/Store Setup by Geocode Table

Report Tasks
Average Drive Time Report
Benchmark Report
Customer Demographic Comparison
Customer Demographic Profile
Customer Geographic Summary
Distance Decay
Fusion Report
Locator Report
Map Report
Market Penetration
Market Ranking
Match Level Summary Report
Measure Cannibalization
Points in Polygon Report
Summarize Points
Summary Reports

Segmentation Tasks
Core and Developmental Segments
Game Plan Chart
Game Plan Map
Multi-profile Bar Chart
Profile by Area Summation
Profile by Import From Table
Profile by Table Geocoding
Profile Comparison Chart
Report from Profile
Tapestry Profile Report
Target Group
Target Map
Target Penetration Map
Understanding Target Customers

Trade Area Tasks
Customer Derived Areas
Drive Time
Remove Overlap
Simple Rings
Standard Levels of Geography
Threshold Rings
Threshold Rings Radii

Lookup Utilities
Get Available Report Formats
Get Custom Layers
Get Data Hierarchies
Get Datasets
Get Datasets Info
Get Default Template
Get Default Spatial Reference
Get Fields
Get Fusion Report Info
Get MRI Groups
Get Report Templates
Get Report Variables
Get Segmentation Bases
Get Segmentation Levels
Get Segments
Get Standard Geography Levels
Get Summarizations
Get Version

Standard Geographies Utilities
Create Standard Geographies
Return Standard Geography
Standard Geographies by Attributes
Standard Geographies from Extent
Standard Geographies from Tree
Standard Geographies Info List
Standard Geographies List
Standard Geographies Tree

Rendering Utilities
Add Layers to Map
Get Default Map Description
Remove Layers from Map
Render Analyses

Repository Utilities
Add Features
Copy Project
Create Project
Create Workspace
Delete Custom Layer
Delete Features
Delete Item
Delete Project
Delete Report Template
Delete Workspace
Edit Features
Get List of Project Items
Get Projects
Get Report
Get Workspaces
Open Feature Layer
Open Segmentation Profile
Open Segmentation Target Group
Rename Project
Rename Report Template
Rename Workspace
Set Project Properties
Upload Feature Set
Upload Report Template
Upload Shapefile

Using ArcGIS Server Data Types
Geometry Objects
Using Spatial References
Projected List
Geographic List