Creating an Amazon Elastic IP

You need to create an Elastic IP for any EC instance on which you will create an ArcGIS Server site. You do not have to create Elastic IPs for GIS servers that you add to an existing site.

You should create the Elastic IP before you launch the EC2 instance, so that you can pass the Elastic IP into the User Data when you run the Launch Instances wizard (see Launching an ArcGIS Server EC2 instance). This sequence of actions helps your instance to be aware of the Elastic IP that will be associated with the instance.

To create an Elastic IP and associate it with an instance running ArcGIS Server, do the following.

  1. Open the AWS Management Console to the Amazon EC2 tab and click Elastic IPs.
  2. Click Allocate New Address and choose EC2 from the drop-down list. Click Yes, allocate if prompted to confirm your choice.

    Write down or copy the Elastic IP so that you can remember it. You will need it in the next step.

  3. Launch your EC2 instance, using the steps in Launching an ArcGIS Server EC2 instance. Be sure to pass in the new Elastic IP as part of the User Data XML that you supply.
  4. In the AWS Management Console, display the Elastic IPs again by clicking Elastic IPs.
  5. Right-click the newly created Elastic IP and choose Associate.
  6. Choose your new instance from the drop-down list of running EC2 instances and click Yes, Associate.

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