ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.Geometries Namespace
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ClassCoordinate Represents a location defined by an X and Y value using current spatial reference
ClassCoordinateCollection A collection of Coordinate objects.
ClassCoordinatesChangedEventArgs Contains data on the CoordinateCollection.ListChanged event.
ClassEnvelope A rectangle defining the extent of another geometry by its locations and size, with sides parallel to the coordinate system.
ClassGeometricRelationship Provides access to members that determine if a certain spatial relationship exists between two geometries.
ClassGeometry Abstract class which contains properties and behavior common to all geometric objects.
ClassGeometryChangedEventArgs Contains data for the GeometryChanged event
ClassMultipoint An ordered collection of points.
ClassPoint Two-dimensional location
ClassPolygon A geometry representing an ordered sequence of points which describe a closed figure.
ClassPolyline An ordered collection of coordinates representing a multi-part line.
ClassGeneric SpatialIndex Spatial Index.


InterfaceIBoundable Defines the methods and properties for object that have a extent.
InterfaceIGeometry Common interface supported by all geometry classes.
InterfaceIGeometryConstruction Interface defining the set of properties and methods used for constructing geometries.


StructureCoordinateCollection.Enumerator Coordinate enumerator.


EnumerationCoordinatesChangedType Specifies how the coordinate collection was changed.
EnumerationGeometryChangedType Specifies how the geometry was changed.
EnumerationGeometryDimension Defines the types of geometry dimensions.
EnumerationGeometryType Specifies the supported types of geometry.
EnumerationTopologyLocation Defines the topology location of a geometry. - Interior - Boundary - Exterior

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