TileCacheMapLayer Class Members
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ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.DataProducts.RasterData Namespace : TileCacheMapLayer Class

The following tables list the members exposed by TileCacheMapLayer.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorTileCacheMapLayer ConstructorOverloaded.  Create's new instance of TileCache MapLayer  

Public Properties

Public PropertyDisplayExpression Gets or sets the where clause that limits the features being displayed. Only features that respect the where clause will be rendered. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertyMaximumRenderScale Gets or Sets the Maximum Scale To Render (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public PropertyMaximumRenderScaleUserOverride Gets or Sets the MaximumRenderScale User Override (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public PropertyMaxScaleThe maximum scale this Maplayer will render at. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertyMinimumRenderScale Gets or Sets the Minimum Scale To Render (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public PropertyMinScaleThe minimum scale this Maplayer will render at. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertyNameGets or sets the MapLayer name. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertyOwnerMap Gets the Map that owns the MapLayer (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertySpatialReferenceGets the data source's spatial reference. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertySupportPartialRedraw Indicates if the MapLayer supports partial redraw. This property is consumed by the Map. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertyTileCacheInfo Gets the TileCacheInfo (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public PropertyTransparencyGets or sets the MapLayer's transparency value in percentage. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public PropertyVisibleGets or sets the visibility flag for the MapLayer. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)

Public Methods

Public MethodClose Close the Tile service layer. (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public MethodGetExtent Gets the MapLayer extent. (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public MethodGetInitialExtent Gets the MapLayer initial extent. (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public MethodInScaleRange In Scale Range (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public MethodOpen Open the Tile Map Layer Note: You don't need to call this method if you are adding this layer to the Map Control. (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public MethodResumeOnError If the tile map layer raised an error and after the error has been handled, this method allows the map layer to resume. (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public MethodToStringReturns the name of the MapLayer in Map control. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)

Protected Methods

Protected MethodDispose Dispose (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Protected MethodDraw Draws the map layer. (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Protected MethodFinalize Finalizes the object. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Protected MethodOnDataChanged Informed the Map the MapLayer data have changed. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Protected MethodOnMapChanging OnMapChanging (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Protected MethodOnPropertyChanged Raises the PropertyChanged event. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Protected MethodRaiseDataSynchronizationFinished Indicates the Map that data synchronization finished for this MapLayer. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Protected MethodRaiseDataSynchronizationStarted Indicates the Map that data synchronization started for this MapLayer. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)

Public Events

Public EventDataChangedOccurs when the MapLayer Data has changed. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public EventPropertyChanged Occurs when a property value changes. (Inherited from ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.MapLayer)
Public EventTileCacheClosed Tile Service Closed Event (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public EventTileCacheOpened Tile Service Opened Event (Inherited from TileMapLayer)
Public EventTileRequestError Tile Service Error Event (Inherited from TileMapLayer)

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