Gets a collection of MapItems in the Map.

Namespace:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Mapping

Assembly:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer (in ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.dll) Version: (


public MapItemCollection ChildItems { get; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public ReadOnly Property ChildItems As MapItemCollection

Field Value

A MapItemCollection containing all items in the Map.




This collection is used to drive the content of the Map in the ArcGIS Explorer Application. Each derived MapItem type can be thought of as a building block of map content. When you add a MapItem to Map.ChildItems it appears in the ArcGIS Explorer table of contents, and if the MapItem has associated data or graphics, they will be displayed in the Map.

The order of the Map.ChildItems collection dictates the order in which items are presented in the ArcGIS Explorer contents window. By default, items are added to the end of the collection and will display at the bottom of the content hierarchy. If you wish to add items to the top of the hierarchy use the AddFirst method.

The order of the collection does not influence drawing order of map content; this is initially determined by the MapItem type:

  • An ImageOverlay MapItem represents an image positioned in relation to the map window. ImageOverlays are drawn on top of all other MapItem types. If your map contains more than one overlay, you can use the ImageOverlayDrawingOrder property to change the overlay drawing order.
  • A Note is a type of map content, that represents a Graphic associated with a Popup. Graphics are drawn underneath ImageOverlay objects, but on top of all layers in the map.
  • The Layer classes are a subset of MapItems that reference geographic data. When a Layer is added to the map, the related data is draped over the basemap or, if applicable, used as a terrain elevation source in 3D. If your map contains more than one layer, you can use the LayerDrawingOrder property to change the layer drawing order.

The table below gives a brief description of each MapItem type that can be added to Map.ChildItems:

MapItem TypeDescription
NoteA single graphic associated with a popup window.
LinkA link to a URL, file or external application.
ViewA stored location in 2D or 3D associated with a popup window.
ImageOverlayAn image which is positioned in relation to the map window.
FolderA container used to organize map content into logical groups.
LayersA subset of MapItems that reference geographic data.

There are several MapItem types that cannot be added to a Map independently:

MapItem TypeDescription
BasemapBasemaps can only be stored in the Basemap property of a Map, and will not be present in the maps ChildItems collection.
KmlNodeA KmlNode is a constituent part of a KmlLayer.
PackageChildLayerA PackageChildLayer is a constituent part of a PackageLayer.
ServiceChildLayerA ServiceChildLayer is a constituent part of a ServiceLayer.

The contents of Map.ChildItems are persisted to a map file (.nmf) when the map is saved.

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