Represents a collection of Graphics.

Namespace:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Mapping

Assembly:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer (in ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.dll) Version: (


public sealed class GraphicCollection : IEnumerable<Graphic>, 
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public NotInheritable Class GraphicCollection _
	Implements IEnumerable(Of Graphic), IEnumerable


This class is used to store one or more Graphic objects.

A GraphicCollection cannot be explicitly instantiated; it is always obtained using the MapDisplay.Graphics property. This property controls the display of temporary graphics in the map; adding a visible Graphic to MapDisplay.Graphics will draw the associated geometry and symbol on the map above all other map content. A Graphic added to the map in this way is temporary: it is not persisted to a map file (.nmf) when the map is saved.

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