Creates a new Table by joining the tables defined in the TableRelationship which has all the columns from both tables and all the rows from the origin table.

Namespace:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Data

Assembly:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer (in ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.dll) Version: (


public Table CreateJoinedTable()
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function CreateJoinedTable As Table

Return Value

A new Table object which is the result of joining the tables defined in the TableRelationship.


Joins can only be performed where the relationship Cardinality is one-to-one. Performance will be improved if the columns participating in the join are indexed. When accessing columns in the joined table by name, use the fully qualified form: "table_name.column_name". Using the Table.Join method avoids the need to explicitly create a TableRelationship when joining two tables.


The code below creates an in-memory TableRelationship between a geodatabase feature class and a dBase table then joins them.
//Open geodatabase feature class   
Table countries = Table.OpenFileGeodatabaseTable(@"C:\Data\World.gdb", "country");

//Open dBase file
Table popStats = Table.OpenShapefile(@"C:\Data\World\DEMOG.dbf");

//Create a TableRelationship between the tables
TableRelationship cntryPopRel = TableRelationship.CreateMemoryRelationship("countryDEMOG", countries, "FIPS_CODE",
                                                            "FIPS_CODE", popStats, TableRelationshipCardinality.OneToOne);

//Create an in-memory join between the two tables
Table joinedTable = cntryPopRel.CreateJoinedTable();

//Print out the life expectancy for all countries
foreach (Row row in joinedTable.GetRows())
  string output = row.Values["country.Name"].ToString() + ": " + row.Values["DEMOG.LIFE_EXP"].ToString();
'Open geodatabase feature class   
Dim countries As Table = Table.OpenFileGeodatabaseTable("C:\Data\World.gdb", "country")

'Open dBase file
Dim popStats As Table = Table.OpenShapefile("C:\Data\World\DEMOG.dbf")

'Create a TableRelationship between the tables
Dim cntryPopRel As TableRelationship = TableRelationship.CreateMemoryRelationship("countryDEMOG", countries, "FIPS_CODE", _
                                                              "FIPS_CODE", popStats, TableRelationshipCardinality.OneToOne)

'Create an in-memory join between the two tables
Dim joinedTable As Table = cntryPopRel.CreateJoinedTable()

'Print out the life expectancy for all countries
For Each r As Row In joinedTable.GetRows()
  Dim output As String = r.Values.Item("country.Name").ToString() & ": " & r.Values.Item("DEMOG.LIFE_EXP").ToString()

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