Represents a single item shown in a Gallery, consisting of an image, caption, tooltip, and a caption for a subgroup within the Gallery.

Namespace:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application

Assembly:  ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application (in ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.dll) Version: (


public sealed class GalleryItem
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public NotInheritable Class GalleryItem


GalleryItems are shown in a Gallery on the Ribbon, either within a drop-down list or embedded within the Ribbon itself. GalleryItems should be added to the Items collection property in order to be shown in the Gallery.

Each GalleryItem has:

  • An image - an icon shown in the Gallery; often a visual representation of the action or effect of choosing that specific GalleryItem.
  • A caption - shown beneath the Image in the Gallery; maximum visible length is determined by values in the AddIns.xml file.
  • A tooltip - shown when the user hovers the mouse over the item in the Gallery.
  • A group caption - used to group GalleryItems under headings within the Gallery.
  • A tag - an object can be stored with a GalleryItem to help identify the item or associate it with an action. Not used in the user interface.

The appearance of the overall list is determined by the class itself, for example whether it is a drop-down list or embedded in the Ribbon, the number of columns of items, the width given to each item.


The example code below shows a very simple Gallery class which displays 3 items; clicking on each item will zoom the display so that a specific location is in the center of the map, and the current altitude/map scale is maintained.
using System;
using System.Text;

// Import some typical namespaces.
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Drawing;

using ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application;
using ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Mapping;

namespace NewGallery
  public class NewGallery : ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.Gallery

    public NewGallery()
      // Read in an image from the icons installed with the SDK to use as an icon.
      string imgPath = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("ArcGIS_E3SDK") + @"\Icons\View32.png";
      Image btnImage = Image.FromFile(imgPath);

      // Add some items to the gallery.
      this.Items.Add(new GalleryItem("Redlands", btnImage, "View Redlands, CA, USA"));
      this.Items.Add(new GalleryItem("Edinburgh", btnImage, "View Edinburgh, UK"));
      this.Items.Add(new GalleryItem("Portland", btnImage, "View Portland, ME, USA"));

    public override void OnClick(GalleryItem item)
      // Work out which item was clicked.
      ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point location = null;
      if (item.Caption.StartsWith("Redlands"))
        location = new ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point(-117.171315683414, 34.0502770959205);
      else if (item.Caption.StartsWith("Edinburgh"))
        location = new ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point(-3.19999077085197, 55.9500400262958);
      else if (item.Caption.StartsWith("Portland"))
        location = new ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point(-70.2624358181778, 43.6546676468125);
      // Zoom to the location, maintaining altitude / map scale.
      MapDisplay disp = ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.Application.ActiveMapDisplay;
      double alt = disp.Altitude;
      disp.ZoomTo(location, alt);
Imports System
Imports System.Text

' Import some typical namespaces.
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports System.Drawing

' Additional ArcGIS Explorer namespaces.
Imports ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application
Imports ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Mapping

Public Class NewGallery
  Inherits ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.Gallery

  Public Sub New()
    ' Read in an image from the icons installed with the SDK to use as an icon.
    Dim imgPath As String = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("ArcGIS_E3SDK") & "\Icons\View32.png"
    Dim btnImage As Image = Image.FromFile(imgPath)

    ' Add some items to the gallery.
    Me.Items.Add(New GalleryItem("Redlands", btnImage, "View Redlands, CA, USA"))
    Me.Items.Add(New GalleryItem("Edinburgh", btnImage, "View Edinburgh, UK"))
    Me.Items.Add(New GalleryItem("Portland", btnImage, "View Portland, ME, USA"))

  End Sub

  Public Overrides Sub OnClick(ByVal item As GalleryItem)
    ' Work out which item was clicked.
    Dim location As ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point = Nothing
    If (item.Caption.StartsWith("Redlands")) Then
      location = New ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point(-117.171315683414, 34.0502770959205)
    ElseIf (item.Caption.StartsWith("Edinburgh")) Then
      location = New ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point(-3.19999077085197, 55.9500400262958)
    ElseIf (item.Caption.StartsWith("Portland")) Then
      location = New ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Geometry.Point(-70.2624358181778, 43.6546676468125)
    End If
        ' Zoom to the location, maintaining altitude / map scale.
    Dim disp As MapDisplay = ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.Application.ActiveMapDisplay
    Dim alt As Double = disp.Altitude
    disp.ZoomTo(location, alt)
  End Sub

End Class

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