Overview of Roadway Characteristics User Guide

Features of the Roadway Characteristics Editor

The Roadway Characteristics Editor is a web application for adding, selecting, and editing linear referenced event data. Notable features include route searching, attribute set-based route attribution, quality control of events checks, event data query, and editing and route redlining.


The Roadway Characteristics Editor's layout includes a menu, widgets, results grid, and floating toolbar.

Menu bar

The menu bar is docked at the top of the editor. There are five menus :

  1. Search—Search for routes based on network and route ID.
  2. Select—Select events based on route, attribute, geometry, and proximity.
  3. Edit—Define attribute sets and add or edit events registered to the ALRS.
  4. QC—Quality control events on a specific route.
  5. Layers—Provides a user with a map legend containing map contents.
Roadway Characteristics Editor menus

Each menu has a number of widgets.

Roadway Characteristics Editor menu widgets


After clicking on a menu and selecting a widget, the widget will open. Most of the widgets are docked on the left side of the page.

Roadway Characteristics Editor Widget

After opening the widget, you can expand or contract the widget to a different size that will persist across all sessions.

To minimize the widget, click the left-facing arrow. To close the widget, click the x on the top right.

Roadway Characteristics Editor Widget Expand and Close

Results Grid

After running many widgets (Select Events, QC), a results grid will open containing event results. By default, the results grid will open at the bottom of the page, however, this is configurable. Users can directly edit event records in the results grid. The results grid contains four tools that can help a user edit event data: Zoom To (selected events), Select All, Save Changes, and Calculate Field.

Roadway Characteristics Editor results grid

Similar to widgets, you can expand and contract the results grid to a different size that will persist across all sessions.

To minimize the results grid, click the down-facing arrow (similar to widgets).

Toolbar and Zoom Slider

The Roadway Characteristics Editor includes a floating toolbar to help users navigate the map. These tools include Zoom to Initial Extent, Zoom to Previous Extent, Zoom to Next Extent, and Clear Map Highlights. Additionally, users can zoom in and out using the zoom slider. Both the toolbar and the zoom slider are located in the top-left portion of the map.

Roadway Characteristics Editor Toolbar and Zoom Slider