Select events by route

The Select Events by Route widget in the Roadway Characteristics Editor allows you to select events by specifying their proximity to an associated route. The events can be edited and/or navigated to once they are selected.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Roadway Characteristics Editor.
  2. Click Select > Select Events By Route .
    Select Events by Route
  3. Click the Event Layer drop-down arrow and select an event layer. This is the event layer from which you will select events.
    Selecting events by their proximity to a route
  4. Choose a selection method.

    Selection Type


    Create a new selection

    Creates a new selection set.

    Append to results

    Adds the currently selected features to the previously created selection set.

    Remove from results

    Removes the currently selected features from the previously created selection set.

  5. The network associated with the event is selected automatically but you can choose another network using the Network (LRM) drop-down list.
  6. Provide a route ID of the route on which the events are located. Alternatively, use the Select a Route on the Map tool Select a Route on the Map to select the route on the map.
  7. Provide the From Measure value of the route in the From Measure text box (optional).

    The selection can be constrained to events that intersect a specified From and To measure on a route by entering these values.

  8. Provide the To Measure value of the route in the To Measure text box (optional).

    In cases where the From and To route measures are not provided, all the events associated with the selected route will be highlighted.

  9. Click Select.
    • All the events that are within the From and To measures of the given route will be highlighted on the map.
    • The results are also shown in a tabular format where the event records can be edited. Also see Editing event records.