The Roadway Characteristics Editor is a map-centric web application that supports linear referenced event data editing. This application is included with Esri Roads and Highways for Server.

Features of the Roadway Characteristics Editor

Deployment of Roadway Characteristics Editor

To get your organization's event and route data into the Roadway Characteristics Editor is straightforward:

  1. Create a map document (MXD) with the desired routes and event layers using ArcGIS and Esri Roads and Highways for Desktop.
  2. Publish the map document with ArcGIS Server and enable the Esri Roads and Highways for Server Linear Referencing capability.
  3. Create a web map that includes the above map service and the desired basemap.
  4. Deploy the Roadway Characteristics Editor to a web server and configure it to use the above web map.

Detailed instructions for deployment can be found in the Overview Of Roadway Characteristics Deployment topic.

The Roadway Characteristics Editor was developed in JavaScript and HTML5 against the Roads and Highways Server REST services. The source code to the application is provided. The application can be deployed against your organization's data and used as is, extended to add additional capabilities by modifying the source code, or used as a reference implementation for LRS web developers on leveraging the Roads and Highways Server REST services to build a event editing application.

The application supports the following browsers: