Add point events

Characteristics of a route such as crashes, traffic counts, and so forth, can be represented as a single point location with linear measure information along a route.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Roadway Characteristics Editor.
  2. Click Edit > Add Point Events.
    Accessing Add point events

    The Add Point Events dialog box appears.

    Add Point Event dialog box
    If there are no editable point event layers, then the dialog box is disabled.

  3. Select an event layer you want to edit in the Event Layer drop-down box.
  4. Select the Network (LRM) that will serve as a source for providing the measure for the new point event. The Network (LRM) can be a published LRS Network layer.
  5. Enter a Route ID on which the new event measure will be provided or use the Select a Route on the Map tool Select a Route on the Map to pick the route from the map. Notice the selected route is now highlighted in the map.
  6. Enter a measure value of the intended location for the new point event along the route or use the Select Measure on the Map tool Select From Measure on the Map to pick up the route location from the map. Notice a red cross symbol is dropped at the selected location in the map.
  7. Using the calender control, choose the Start Date and End Date that will define the Start/End dates of the event. The Start date defaults to today's date, but you can select a different date using the date picker. The end date is optional.
  8. The Prevent measures not on route check box is checked by default. This data validation option ensures that the measure values entered in step 6 fall within the minimum and maximum range of measure values on the selected route.
  9. The Attribute - Value table contains all the attributes of the event layer. Fill out all the attribute information for the new event in this table. Use the Show network name check box to see what LRS Network the select event layer is associated with.
  10. Finally, click Save. The new point is now created and displayed in the map.
  11. After a point event has been successfully created, you have two options in order to continue characterizing the route. When you click the New button, all the input entries in the form are cleared and the default values from the geodatabase are populated into the attribute table, whereas when you click Next, all the existing entries in the form and the attribute table are retained for convenience of quick editing of similar characteristics.