Redlining a route

Creating redlines

The Redline Route widget allows users of Roadway Characteristics Editor to propose LRS route changes in the linear referencing system (LRS) to the LRS editors via the Redline feature class. You can use the following steps to create or edit redline routes.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Roadway Characteristics Editor.
  2. Click Edit > Redline Route.
    Accessing Redline Route
  3. On the Redline Route widget, select a redline activity.

    The Redline activity types are user defined and can be added or edited in the Redline feature class in ArcGIS. Coded value domains are used to populate the ActivityType field. For more information on creating coded value domains, please see Deploying redline routes or Creating a new coded value domain.

  4. Click a Redline activity type button, then draw a redline on the map.
    Redline process flow
  5. Click the Network_ID drop-down list and select the desired network to add the redline to.
  6. Enter the Route ID for which the redline is created or use the Select a Route on the Map tool Select a Route on the Map to pick the route from the map.
  7. The information needed for steps 6–10 is optional; that is, you can skip these steps if you do not have the data for these fields.
  8. The Activity Type field is populated from the activity selected in step 4 but you can change it using the drop-down list.
  9. This selection is particularly useful when you want to edit the records of a preexisting redline feature.
  10. Type the route name in the Route Name text box.
  11. Type the From and To Measures in the From Measure and To Measure text boxes.
  12. Select an effective date for the redline using the Effective_Date calendar.
  13. You can attach files to the redline in the Attachments area.
  14. Click Save to save the redline feature you have just created.

Editing Redlines

You can edit a preexisting redline in the Roadway Characteristics Editor.

  1. Click the redline feature on the map to select it.

    The redline feature will be highlighted on the map and its records will be shown in the Redline Routes widget.

  2. You can change the records of the selected redline in the Redline Routes widget, or you can click the Delete button to delete the selected redline feature.