Setting the temporal view date for LRS Networks and events

The advanced linear referencing system (ALRS) supports temporality by establishing from and to dates for all ALRS elements. When LRS Networks and event layers are displayed in a map, they are always associated with a specific date/time stamp. This date/time stamp is referred to as the temporal view date (TVD). By default, the TVD is set to your computer's current system date and time. You can change the TVD for each layer in your map by opening the Layer Properties dialog box and clicking the ALRS tab.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Add LRS Networks and ALRS event layers to your map.
  3. Right-click the LRS Network or event layer in the table of contents and click Properties.

    The Layer Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Click the ALRS tab on the Layer Properties dialog box.
  5. Click the Specify temporal view date button.
  6. Use the Temporal view date calendar control to choose a TVD.
    Specify the temporal view date
  7. Click Apply.