Starting an edit session with Roads and Highways

When editing an LRS Network in ArcMap, the network must be added to the table of contents.

If you have event layers in your map, ArcMap may send you a warning that your event layers are not editable. You can click the check box at the bottom of the warning to avoid seeing this message in the future.

Click the check box to avoid seeing this message in the future.
  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Add the LRS Network that you want to edit to your map.
  3. Add any event layers you want to analyze to your map.
  4. Add other LRS features that could help with editing.
    • Add the redline feature class.
    • Add the calibration point feature class.
  5. Add any other layers you may need to help you edit your LRS Networks. These may include additional basemap data to help provide context for your editing.
  6. Click the Production Start Editing button Production Start Editing on the Production Editing toolbar.
    • Alternatively, you can click the Editor drop-down arrow on the Editor toolbar and click Start Editing .