Write To Reviewer Table (Data Reviewer)


Writes a feature class, feature layer, or table to the Reviewer table.



WriteToReviewerTable_Reviewer (in_features, in_field, in_origin_table_name, in_reviewer_workspace, in_session, {in_subtype}, {in_notes}, {in_severity})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The features or table records to write to the Reviewer table.

Feature Layer;Table View

The field that contains identifiers for the features. The value from this field populates the OBJECTID field in the Reviewer table. The field you choose must have a data type of Long.


The string or field value that is going to be used to populate the ORIGINTABLE field in the Reviewer table for each record that is written. This is typically the name of the feature class or table.

  • String—The name of the feature layer is defined as a text string.
  • Field—The value for the feature layer name is derived from a field on the feature layer or table.

The path to the Reviewer workspace where the features or table records will be written.


The name of the Reviewer session where the features or table records will be written.


The feature class subtype to which the features belong. This can be derived from a specified value or a field on the feature class. The value from this parameter populates the SUBTYPE field in the Reviewer table.

  • String—You can type the value in the String text box.
  • Field—You can choose the subtype value from a field on the feature layer.

Text that populates the NOTES field in the Reviewer table. The notes are used to provide a more specific description of the feature or table record.


A numeric value that represents the significance of the features or table records that have been written to the Reviewer table. The values range from 5 (low importance) to 1 (high priority). This value populates the SEVERITY field in the Reviewer table.


Code Sample

WriteToReviewerTable example (stand-alone Python script)

In this example, the LandmarkAreas features are imported into Session 1 in the Reviewer.gdb workspace.

# Name: WriteToReviewerTable.py
# Description: Imports features into the Reviewer table
# Author: ESRI
# Date: June 2010

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy

# Check out a Data Reviewer extension license

# Import the Data Reviewer toolbox - you may have to alter this path
arcpy.ImportToolbox(r'C:/Program Files/ArcGIS/Desktop10.0/ArcToolbox/Toolboxes/Data Reviewer Tools.tbx')

# Path to feature class and Reviewer workspace
LandmarkAreas = "C:/Data/Tutorials/Reviewer/GDB/California.gdb/Landmarks\LandmarkAreas"
Reviewer_gdb__2_ = "C:/Data/Tutorials/Reviewer/GDB/Reviewer.gdb"

# Execute the Write to Reviewer Table function
arcpy.WriteToReviewerTable_Reviewer(LandmarkAreas, "OBJECTID", "NAME", Reviewer_gdb__2_, "Session 4 : QC_Pass_1", "Landmarks", "New landmark areas", "3")

# Check in the Data Reviewer extension


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments

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Licensing Information

ArcView: Requires Data Reviewer
ArcEditor: Requires Data Reviewer
ArcInfo: Requires Data Reviewer

Published 6/28/2010