Configuring the scale bands XML file

The ScaleBands.xml file is a configuration file that is used by the Esri Nautical Solution when working in an enterprise production environment. It is installed at the following location:

Each hydrographic agency administrator needs to modify the ScaleBands.xml file to reflect the scales of their catalog of digital products. This ensures that the product refresher process references the proper agency-specific scale ranges when features are sent between the NIS and the production databases.

The product refresher clip extraneous process uses the stored configuration information held in the ScaleBands.xml file to tailor the scale-band ranges to an agency-specific rule set. The clip extraneous process will then apply the agency-specific ranges to ensure that the correct features are removed or clipped during the enterprise workflow.

The following is an example of the file format. You will need to update the values between the <ScaleBand> </ScaleBand> tags before you create any products:

  1. Open the ScaleBands.xml file with a third-party XML application of your choice.
  2. Set the values in between the <ScaleBand> start and end tags to a scale value of your choice.
  3. Save the XML file and close it.