Viewing XML log files

Many of the Nautical Solution tools give you an option of viewing a log file at the end of processing. These log files summarize what events occurred and on which features. Some of these tool log files are generated in an XML format that is automatically transformed by an XSL style sheet. The XSL style sheet basically takes values stored in an XML document and presents them to you in an Internet browser in an easier-to-read format, like a table with rows and columns.

You can view the log files by going to the location where they are stored and right-clicking to open them with a program of your choice. You can also set up Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default browser to automatically open when you click Yes to the message that prompts you to view the log file after a process is complete.

The following is a list of log files and the location where they are stored:

If you are using Mozilla FireFox 3.0 to view the log files, there are a few extra steps you need to perform to view the log files in a readable format.

  1. When the log file is presented to you in Mozilla 3.0, type the following in the address bar: about:config.
  2. Look for the following security setting: security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy.
  3. Change this setting to false.

    Changing this security setting could potentially degrade the security of the Mozilla FireFox Web browser. Be sure to change the setting back to true once you are done viewing the log file.