Creating a Reviewer session using the ReviewerConsole

The ReviewerConsole command is a command line executable that can be used to run or analyze Data Reviewer batch jobs. In addition, it provides capabilities that allow you to modify Reviewer administration tables and sessions and perform some miscellaneous functions such as merging multiple batch jobs into a single batch job and listing the contents of a batch job.

One of its functions is creating a new Reviewer session in a specified workspace. When the session is created in a new workspace, all the necessary datasets and tables are added as well. Otherwise, a new record is created for the new session in the database.

For example, as an administrator, there may be a series of sessions you want to set up for the data technicians in your organization. In this case, you could use the ReviewerConsole to create sessions for data extents or the types of validation you want to perform on the data.

The pattern for creating a new session in a Reviewer workspace is the following:

ReviewerConsole /wks:<path to the workspace> /session:<session name> /create

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The example below is going to create a session named Session 1 in the SoCal.mdb geodatabase. If the session exists, it will not be overwritten. If the specified workspace is not a Reviewer workspace, the Reviewer administration tables are added to it prior to creating the session.

ReviewerConsole.exe /wks:C:\Data\SoCal.mdb /session:"Session 1" /create
  1. Open the Command Prompt window.
  2. Type the path to the ReviewerConsole.exe file at the prompt.

    This executable file can usually be found in <installation location>/Program Files/ArcGIS/ArcGISDataReviewer/Desktop10.0/Bin.

  3. Type the following, replacing the text within brackets with values that apply to your data:

    ReviewerConsole /wks:<path to the workspace> /session:<session name> /create

  4. Press ENTER.

    The new session is created in the workspace specified.

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