Straight line diagrams and definition queries

When you create straight line diagrams for multiple routes, the diagrams all reside in the same geographic location. This means that you might see information displayed in your straight line diagram that does not apply to the route that you are interested in. Displaying the correct information in the straight line diagram is managed through definition queries. The drop-down list on the Production Linear Referencing toolbar automatically manages definition queries for you. This list contains the route identifiers for all diagrams in your map. By choosing a route identifier from the list, the straight line diagram in your map is automatically updated to display information only about the selected route.

Straight line diagrams can also be used in conjunction with either MPS-Atlas or Data Driven Pages for creating map books. Both of these tools have built-in functionality for managing definition queries that keep the display of features in both the geometric and straight line diagrams synchronized. Before using either map book tool, it is recommended that you clear any definition queries set using the list on the Production Linear Referencing toolbar. This can be done by choosing the Select All option from the list. For more information on managing definition queries using MPS-Atlas, see Setting up a feature layer definition query. For more information on managing definition queries using Data Driven Pages, see Using Page Definition Queries.