Replacing a definition query across a definition query set

You can replace a definition query across a definition query set to restrict ArcMap to only show the features that are relevant.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Define a definition query set.

    The definition query displays in the Single query (selected item) text box.

  3. Copy and paste the definition query to the Multiple definition queries (checked items) text box.
  4. In the Feature Layers list, check the check boxes next to the feature layers for which you want to update the definition query.
  5. Click Replace.

    A message appears that indicates which feature layers have had their definition queries replaced.

  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save As.

    A message appears notifying you that the definition queries you want to save have not been applied to the map or verified.

  8. Click Yes to continue with the saving process.

    The Feature Display Settings dialog box appears.

    Feature Display Settings
  9. Type a name for the new definition query set in the Enter the set name text box.
  10. Type a description for the new definition query set in the Enter the set description text box.
  11. Click OK.

    The Definition Queries tab appears. The status of the definition queries for each feature layer is indicated by the color of the feature layer name.

    • Black—The feature layer will display using a definition query that already exists on the layer in the current MXD.
    • Red—The feature layer is included in the definition query set but is not loaded in the table of contents.
    • Blue—The definition query has been applied to the feature layer or updated and is also saved on the Definition Queries tab on the Layer Properties dialog box in ArcMap.

  12. Click the Close button Close to close the Feature Display Settings dialog box.

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