Editing product library component properties

When you are managing the product library, you may find that product library components need to be modified based on your production environment. For example, if the spatial reference for the areas of interest in a solution needs to be changed, you can update it to the one you want to use.

The properties that can be edited include the type of data storage used for a solution, spatial references, whether or not geographic extents or relational queries are used, and area of interest scales.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, open the Product Library window by clicking Customize > Production > Product Library on the main menu.

    A tree view of the product library appears.

    Product library tree
  3. Navigate to the product library component whose properties you want to edit.
  4. Right-click the component and click Properties.

    The properties dialog box appears for the component.

  5. Modify the properties as necessary.
  6. Click OK when you are finished modifying the properties.