Viewing file version information

You can view the following file version properties:

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, open the Product Library window by clicking Customize > Production > Product Library on the main menu.

    A tree view of the product library appears.

    Product library tree
  3. Right-click Product Library, a solution, product class, series, product, instance, or area of interest, then click Manage Files.

    The file manager appears.

    Initial view of the file manager
  4. If necessary, click Library to display the product library tree view.
  5. Navigate to the file whose version history you want to view.
  6. Right-click the file and click Properties.

    The file's properties dialog box appears.

  7. Click History on the left side of the properties dialog box.
    History pane on the file properties dialog box
    The History pane with version information
  8. Choose the version whose properties you want to view in the Versions list.
  9. Click OK when you are finished viewing the properties.