Writing the service configuration to the server log file

For debugging purposes, the current service configuration information can be written out to the server log file. It includes both the service and service job configuration. It also includes some additional status information such as the number of times the job has been run (the Job Run Number) and the start time of the next scheduled job. All of this information is appended to the end of the server log file when you choose Spool the Configuration Information to the Log file on the Reviewer Service Control dialog box.

Serverlogentryformat:		xml
 Revservicelogfolder:		C:\RevService\Test\logs
 Revenginelogfolder:		C:\RevService\Test\logs
 Overwriteserverstatusonstartup:		False
 Datetimeformat:		R
    BatchJob[0]:		C:\TestData\RevService\Simple_Test.rbj
    Workspace:		C:\TestData\RevService\RevService.mdb
    Session:		Session 1
    Starttime:		now
    Interval:		01:00
    Checkchangedonly:		False
    Rundefaultchecksfromsession:		False

Job Schedulers:
 Job Id: 0
 Job Run Number: 1
 Job Config File: C:\RevService\Test2\jobs\job2.xml
 Rev License Manager: True
 Time now: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 08:36:05 GMT
 Scheduler: 	Initial start time:	now
	Interval duration:	01:00
	Current start time:	6/17/2008 9:21:00 AM
	Next start time:	6/17/2008 10:21:00 AM
	Timer Enabled: True

 DoRunServiceJob: True
 MaxWaitTime: 00:00:00 (hrs:min:sec)

 Class Settings:
 Disabled: False
 ShowTimerMessages: False

	Thread Id: 5
	Thread State: Running
	Thread Appartment state: STA
  1. Click the Start > Programs > ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10 > GIS Data Reviewer Service Controller.

    The Data Reviewer Service Controller icon Data Reviewer Service Controller appears in the system tray.

  2. Right-click the Data Reviewer Service Controller icon Data Reviewer Service Controller in the system tray and click Manage Service.

    The Reviewer Service Control dialog box appears.

    Reviewer Service Control dialog box with service started

  3. Click the Execute Custom Commands button Execute Custom Commands and click Spool Configuration to Log.

    The properties for the Data Reviewer service are appended to the end of the server log file.

  4. Click the Close button Close.