What is the Nautical Solution?

The Esri Nautical Solution is a part of a complete system for managing data, products, workflows, and quality. It is an extension to the ArcGIS product line that tightly integrates with ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, and other extensions such as Data Interoperability, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst. The Nautical Solution is bundled with complementary components that include Production Mapping tools, Data Reviewer, Workflow Manager, and Task Assistant Manager. Together, these components provide the modern hydrographic community with a comprehensive solution to solve challenges and inefficiencies for hydrographic data, product, and workflow management.

The Nautical Solution is centered on a paradigm that focuses on four main tenets: data, product, workflow, and quality management. The primary objective of the Nautical Solution is to efficiently manage hydrographic information, products, and integrated workflows to generate electronic, hard-copy, and raster navigational products compliant with standards. The Nautical Solution allows the creation of these products in two production environments, enterprise or desktop.

Managing data

Data management

Managing products


Managing workflows

Workflow management

Managing quality

Quality management