Defining the naming and numbering convention for new features

According to the S-57 Publication Standard, a unique, worldwide identifier is required for every feature in the database. This unique identifier in Esri Nautical Solution is the LNAM field, which is common to every feature class.

The LNAM field is a 17-character concatenation of three subcomponents:

These three subcomponents will be used as the naming convention for every feature that is created. In this property, you are setting the agency code and the FIDS. The FIDN is a system-generated number created by using the operating system (OS) clock. This will ensure a unique LNAM. An LNAM must never be reused, even upon deleting a feature.

The LNAM can also be used for multiple instances of the same object, such as soundings, which are handled differently in S-57. Soundings are grouped by common attributes to contain several sounding points; therefore, all sounding points in the same group have the same LNAM.

The Agency/FIDS Property setting must be set before an edit session can be started.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Production > Production Properties.

    The Production Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click Nautical Properties.
  4. Click the cell next to Agency/FIDS Property.
  5. Click the ellipsis (...) button.

    The Agency/FIDS Properties dialog box appears.

    Agency/FIDS Properties dialog box

    If the Agency/FIDS Properties dialog box does not list any agencies, you have to set the product XML file location property.

  6. Choose the agency code from the Agency Code list and set the Feature Identification Subdivision (FIDS) value.

    The FIDS value can be any five-digit number that will be used in generating a unique LNAM for features.

  7. Click OK.