Configuring options for the Letters or Numbers style

Parameters on the Options tab on the Annotation Properties window control the settings for the Letters and Numbers styles only.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Click the Grids and Graticules Designer window button Grids and Graticules Designer window on the Production Cartography toolbar.
  3. Create or load a grid that has annotation.
  4. Expand nodes in the Grid tree view until you find an annotation node.
  5. Double-click the annotation node.

    The Annotation Properties window appears.

  6. Click the Options tab.

    The Options tab appears.

    Annotation Options tab
  7. Choose Use capital letters or Use lower case letters.
  8. Type a starting value in the Start Value text box.
  9. Type the interval you want to use for the pattern of letters or numbers in the Interval text box.
  10. Type any values to be excluded in the Exclusion List text box.

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