What is data source filtering?

Data source filtering allows you to define which data items (features) will be returned for each layer. You can define a data filter for each data source. Each data source can be filtered to only return the data you want to include in the table.

The Data Filters dialog box is divided into two areas:

Data Filters dialog box

Clicking Add Filter in the Filter area allows you to filter by the following:

These filters can be logically appended to the base selections using the And, Or, greater than (>), or less than (<) operators (but not the equal to [=] or exclusive or [XOR] operators).


The Maximum number of data items text box on the Data Items dialog box controls the maximum number of data items displayed in a graphic table element. The value set in this text box overrides any value set within a filter, including a limit filter. Set the Maximum number of data items to –1 to return all values within a filter or to return the maximum number of items set within a limit filter.