Deleting a primary or secondary mapping

You can delete primary or secondary mappings associated with a specific rounding rule.

  1. Start ArcCatalog.
  2. Add the Rounding Rule Definition tool to a toolbar by completing the following steps:
    1. On the main menu, click Customize > Customize Mode.

      The Customize dialog box appears.

    2. Click the Commands tab.
    3. In the Categories list, choose Nautical.
    4. In the Commands list, click and drag the Rounding Rule Definition button Rounding Rule Definition to a toolbar.
    5. Click Close.
  3. Click the Rounding Rule Definition button Rounding Rule Definition.

    The Rounding Rule Definition dialog box appears.

    Rounding Rule Definition window
  4. Click the Rounding Rules drop-down arrow and choose an existing rounding rule.
  5. Choose the rounding rule interval for which you want to delete a mapping.
  6. Choose the primary or secondary mapping.
  7. Click Delete.
  8. Click OK.

The primary or secondary mapping you selected is deleted.