Setting your compilation scale through the Production Properties dialog box

When working in the Nautical Solution's multiscaled enterprise production environment, you are required to establish the scale at which you are compiling data so that newly created features can be managed correctly. Setting your compilation scale is important to the production workflow and the creation of production databases. This value is used by the edit extension to determine the default value populated in the compilation scale field on each inserted feature.

You can do this in the Production Properties dialog box with the Compilation Scale Value setting. This method is static and is applied to the next edit session.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Production > Production Properties.

    The Production Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click Nautical Properties.
  4. Click the cell next to Compilation Scale Value and type the product scale you want to apply in an edit session.

    You cannot use 0 (zero), negative values, or nonnumeric characters.


    The compilation scale can be found in the PLTS_DSPM table in the PLTS_COMP_SCALE field.

  5. Click OK.