Batch jobs and Data Reviewer

Batch jobs are groups of checks that can be saved and run against the data. The checks can be organized and combined into any number of groups within a batch job depending on how you want to classify them. For example, you can divide checks into groups called Transportation Network and Hydrographic Features to indicate that the checks in these groups relate to these aspects of your database. The checks you add to each of these groups can be applied to different feature classes and can therefore appear in the same group a number of times, depending on the relationships you are evaluating in your data.

Design of the batch job should be the duty of a technical lead in an organization. The batch job can be thought of as a quality control model, a way to encapsulate and distribute quality control and validation information. The batch job allows users in different locations to utilize a consistent set of automated checks when validating their data.

The checks are divided into categories in the Reviewer Batch Job Manager as follows:

Category name

Individual checks include

Default Checks

  • Invalid Geometry
  • Multipart Line
  • Multipart Polygon
  • Non-Linear Segment
  • Polyline or Path Closes on Self

Database Validation Checks

  • Connectivity Rules Check
  • Domain Check
  • Relationships Check
  • Subtype Check

Duplicate Geometry Checks

  • Duplicate Geometry Check
  • Duplicate Vertex Check

Feature on Feature Checks

  • Geometry on Geometry Check
  • Intersection on Geometry Check
  • Polygon Overlap/Gap is Sliver Check

Polygon Checks

  • Evaluate Polygon Perimeter and Area Check
  • Invalid Hole Feature Check
  • Polygon Sliver Check

Polyline Checks

  • Evaluate Polyline Length Check
  • Cutbacks Checks

Spatial Parameter Evaluation Checks

  • Evaluate Extent Check
  • Evaluate Intersection Count check
  • Evaluate Part Count Check
  • Evaluate Vertex Count Check

Table Checks

  • Execute SQL Check
  • Regular Expression Check
  • Table to Table Attribute Check
  • Unique ID Check

Topology Checks

  • Find Dangles Check
  • Orphan Check
  • Topology Rules Check
  • Unnecessary Nodes Check
  • Unnecessary Polygon Boundaries Check

Z Value Checks

  • Adjacent Vertex Elevation Change Check
  • Different Z at Intersection Check
  • Evaluate Z Values
  • Polygon/Ring Closed Check
  • Slope Direction Change (Monotonicity) Check

Advanced Checks

  • Composite Check
  • Custom Check
  • Metadata Check
  • Sampling Check
  • Valency Check

Check categories

Once you have configured all the checks you want to include with a batch job, you can save it in a specified directory as a Reviewer Batch Job file (*.rbj). The Reviewer Batch Job Manager allows you to work with the batch jobs by modifying which checks are included with them, changing the workspace, and validating the checks in your batch job.

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