Selecting a sounding group

The Select a Sounding Group tool allows you to select all the soundings that are part of a sounding group. When you select one sounding feature with the tool, all the other soundings in that cell with matching LNAM (Long name), DSNM (Dataset name), and NAME (Name) attributes are also selected. These attributes are used by the Group Selected Soundings tool and the Append Soundings tool to define a sounding group.


When you click the Select a Sounding Group button, your selectable layers are temporarily set to SoundgP, so there is no need to set your selectable layers to use this tool. However, the Set Selectable Layers dialog box is unchanged during the use of this tool.


When in an edit session, the Select a Sounding Group tool only works on the current edit workspace, regardless of the number of SoundgP layers loaded from other workspaces.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Nautical S-57.
  3. Click the Select a Sounding Group button Select a Sounding Group on the Nautical S-57 toolbar.

    If you are outside an edit session and you have multiple SoundgP layers from multiple workspaces in your data frame, a dialog box appears prompting you to select a workspace.

  4. If you are outside an edit session, choose the workspace you want to select your sounding group from and click OK.
  5. Select a SoundgP feature by dragging a box around one feature.

    The tool only selects soundings from one group. You cannot select more than one group at a time.

Features in the same SoundgP group as the feature you selected are all selected and listed on the Update tab on the Manage Features window, even if you are not in an edit session.