Defense Mapping custom steps

A series of custom steps are available to streamline and automate ESRI Defense Mapping TDS production workflows. However, these custom steps are generic in their construction so that Workflow Manager workflows can be constructed using these steps in production using any type of the Defense Mapping supported products.

The following custom steps and tokens are available to run with Workflow Manager:

Step name

Prog ID


Return codes

Add Job Hold Step



  • /HoldType: <The name of the hold type to add>

    Ex. /HoldType:Resource

  • /HoldRemarks: <The remarks that should be associated with this hold action>

    Ex: /HoldRemarks:Job on hold until adequate resources are identified

Creates a hold on the job and halts progress through the rest of the workflow until the hold is removed

  • 0—Successful
  • –1—Failed

Check AOI Step


Checks for the existence of the job AOI and provides a return value that allows the workflow to branch as appropriate

  • 1— AOI exists for the job
  • 2— AOI does not exist for the job

Check Extended Property Step

DefenseMappingSteps.CheckExtendedProperty Step


  • /tablename:<table name> (required)

  • /propertyname:<property name> (required)

  • /casesensitive (optional)

Checks for a value in an extended property field and returns a specific value used for branching the workflow based on a comparison of the value in the extended property field and any match found in the JTX_AUX_PROPS_RET_CODES table

The value identified in the record for proper workflow branching

Create Child Job Advanced Step


  • /jobtypename:<job type name> (required)

  • /assigngroup:<group to assign to> (optional)

  • /assignuser:<username to assign to> (optional)
  • /dependThisStep (optional)

    Dependency is created and current job held

  • /dependNextStep (optional)

    Dependency is created and current job held at the next step

  • /dependStatus:<Status Type Name> (optional)

    Dependency status (current job held until child job reaches this status)

  • /useparentaoi (optional)
  • /aoiOverlapFeatureClassName:<fully qualified feature class name> (optional)
  • /numberChildJobs:<number of jobs to create> (optional)
  • /createVersionSetting:<the version to use as the parent version> (optional)
  • /assignVersionSetting:<the existing version the job will be assigned to> (optional)
  • /setChildExtendedProps:<ChildJobFullyQualifiedExtendedPropertiesTableName.FieldName=[JOBEX:ParentJobFullyQualifiedExtendedPropertiesTableName.FieldName]> (optional)

Incorporates all the functionality from the Workflow Manager sample included with the 10.0 SP2 installation, and adds new functionality to allow you to define more than a single extended property to update the new jobs

  • 0—Failed
  • 1—Successful

Enqueue Job Step



  • /synchronize (optional)
  • /geodatabase1:<SDE connection file> (optional)
  • /geodatabase2:<SDE connection file> (optional)
  • /replica_name:<name of replica> (optional)
  • /sync_direction:<BOTH_DIRECTIONS; FROM_GEODATABASE2_TO_1; FROM_GEODATABASE1_TO_2> (optional)
  • /conflict_res:<IN_FAVOR_OF_GDB1; IN_FAVOR_OF_GDB2> (optional)
  • /conflict_def:<BY_OBJECT; BY_ATTRIBUTE> (optional)

Queues the job for synchronization or reconcile/post through the use of the ProcessEdits python script

  • 0—Successful
  • –1—Failed

Execute GP Tool Step

DefenseMappingSteps.ExecuteGPTool Step


  • /toolboxpath:<toolboxpath> (required)
  • /tool:<tool> (required)
  • /param:<ParamName>:<ParamValue> (optional)
  • /attach (optional)

Executes a geoprocessing tool, script, or model as defined in an ArcGIS toolbox

  • 0—Failed
  • 1—Successful

Get Edited Feature Count Step



  • /extproptable:<Name of extended property table that will be updated with total edited features count> (optional)
  • /extpropfield:<Name of extended property field that will be updated with total edited features count> (optional)

Updates an extended property of the WMX job with a total number of edited features by reviewing the archive tables of the associated feature classes and counting the changes made within the job and posted to the default version of the central database

  • 0—Successful
  • –1—Failed

JTX Add Attachment Step


Opens a dialog box that prompts you to add attachments to the job if necessary


Resource MXD Step



  • /mxdPath:<mxd path>
  • /dataFrame:<data frame name> (optional)
  • /oldWorkspace:<old workspace path>
  • /newWorkspace:<new workspace path>

Resources the layers of an MXD from one data source to another, assuming that the feature classes are named the same in both data sources and that the original data source is known

  • 0—Successful
  • –1—Failed

Select Data Workspace Step


Displays a list of data workspaces defined in the WMX Administrator in a dialog box; you can then make a selection of a single data workspace, which will then be assigned to the job

  • 0—Failed
  • 1—Successful

Set Data Workspace Step


Copies the data workspace properties of one WMX job to another

  • 0—Failed
  • 1—Successful

Set Production Properties Step

DefenseMappingSteps.SetProductionProperties Step


  • /productLibraryPath:<product library path>
  • /productionDatabasePath:<production database path>
  • /dataModel:<data model>
  • /dataModelVersion:<data model version>
  • /productClass:<product class>
  • /productClassVersion:<product class version>
  • /productLibraryUser:<product library user name> (optional)
  • /productionDatabaseUser:<production database user name>

Configures the product library settings required for the job's database to connect to the correct product library so that when ArcMap is launched from the workflow, the product library settings are already configured

  • 0—Successful
  • –1—Failed

Set Property Based On XML Step


Argument:/xmlFilePath:<file location>

Ex. /xmlFilePath:"c:\installdir\stepconfig.xml"

Generates a selection list based on the contents of an XML file stored on disk

Unique value

Verify Status Step



Determines the status of an externally run process by checking the value of an attribute in a record associated with a job

  • 1—Pending
  • 2—In process
  • 3—Successful
  • 4—Failed (error)
  • 5—Failed (conflict)
  • 6—Deleted