Indexing features for the Guide to Numbered Features

Features in the ComplexOutline_A feature class are assigned a number for identification in the Guide to Numbered Features (GNF) element or bookmarks. This number is typically the Identification Number (IDN) value of the feature, which is assigned based on the feature's Category Code (CAT) attribute value and the alphabetical order of features in the category. The features are initially sorted by categories, then sorted in alphabetical order according to each feature's name.

In Defense Mapping, there are two tools that help manage the identification numbers of these features: the ICM Number GNFs tool and the ICM Renumber GNFs tool. The ICM Number GNFs tool assigns identification numbers to the GNFs based on the category, then the name of the feature. The Renumber GNFs tool adjusts the numbering of the features when a ComplexOutline_A feature has been added or removed. For instance, the San Diego Convention Center could have an IDN value of 2.

If another feature is added that belongs in the Commercial and Industry category and is between the Gaslamp Quarter Historical District and the convention center, the IDN would be changed to 3. To account for the addition, the features would need to be renumbered so the IDN values could be adjusted accordingly.


If the GNF annotation class is not feature-linked to the ComplexOutline_A feature class, though the features for the GNF can be renumbered, the annotation associated with the features is not. When the IDN values are adjusted, the annotation also needs to be adjusted.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Load data in ArcMap, ensuring that the ComplexOutline_A feature class is included.
  3. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Production Editing.
  4. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Defense Mapping.
  5. Click the Production Start Editing button Production Start Editing on the Production Editing toolbar.

    The Manage Features and Create Attributes, Update Attributes, or Metadata Attributes windows automatically appear when you start an edit session using the Production Start Editing tool.


    If the Create Attributes, Update Attributes, or Metadata Attributes window does not appear when you start an edit session, click the Show/Hide Attributes button Show/Hide Attributes on the Manage Features window.

  6. Choose the ComplexOutline_A feature class on the table of contents.
  7. On the Defense Mapping toolbar, click Defense Mapping > ICM Tools > ICM Number GNFs.

    The ICM Number GNFs message box appears once the processing is complete.

  8. Click OK.

    You can renumber the features by clicking Defense Mapping > ICM Tools > ICM Renumber GNFs on the Defense Mapping toolbar.